Roxanne Chin, a 29-year champion for Job Corps, is a high-performing executive who is recognized for her passion in creating high-synergy workforce development and training programs that generate positive results. Throughout her career, she continuously delivered outcomes by implementing innovative workforce development policies and procedures that serve and exceed the needs of Job Corps students, centers, and the federal government.

As the Vice President of Workforce Innovation, Ms. Chin leads Bizzell’s workforce innovation division including the administration, management, and business development aspects of the firm’s Job Corps programs. She spearheads innovative ideas around outreach and admissions, career technical training, career transition, career development, safety and security, health and wellness, and social development.

Prior to joining Bizzell, she served as a Job Corps Corporate Director, Deputy Center Director, Center Director, Business Developer, and Project Director. As a Corporate Senior Director, she managed the Electronic Policy and Requirements Handbook (PRH) Modernization Initiative at the National Office of Job Corps where she worked as a strategic leader in the development, launch, and maintenance of the Job Corps’ PRH website. The Job Corps PRH website provides electronic access to real-time current Job Corps national policy and resource information for contractors operating Job Corps centers and providing enrollment and placement services.

Ms. Chin received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and Management from Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland.