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 Health Information Solutions

  • Bizzell’s Health Information Technology (HIT) team leverages data-driven and research-informed results through process engineering, and tactical consulting services that drives innovative solutions across the continuum of health care. Our goal is to help healthcare facilities and providers improve the overall quality of care and ultimately patient outcomes by providing innovative technology solutions necessary for responsible patient care.  Our innovative solutions gives physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and specialized clinicians immediate access to critical patient information to make informed decisions.

    Our expertise includes: 

    • Clinical Engineering
    • Cybersecurity
    • System Security
    • Infrastructure Support
    • Network Engineering
    • Biomedical Technology Integration
    • EHR Deployment and Training
    • Go-Live Support
    • Software Testing
    • Medical Device Integration
    • Project Management
    • Application Development
    • Information Assurance
    • HIPAA Security Assessments
    • Data Validation
    • Help Desk and End-user Support