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Focus Areas


Economic Development

Communities grow when barriers are removed. Bizzell helps individuals, communities, and governments discover market-driven solutions that facilitate their inclusion/collaboration in productive and profitable value chains. We equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need to identify, navigate, and successfully pursue viable business opportunities. We facilitate and open new markets for entrepreneurs. We support agriculture, food security, and nutrition-based initiatives that meet both the sustenance and income generation needs of individuals and communities in developing countries.


Youth Empowerment and Workforce Development

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. Bizzell promotes positive youth development by providing young people with the knowledge and skills needed to fulfill their potential. We collaborate with local partners across various industries to ensure youth are offered a wide range of technical and professional trainings that enhance their ability to obtain meaningful work that will improve their livelihood, while contributing to the development and growth of their communities. We incorporate and encourage healthy living, youth friendly family planning, HIV/AIDS services, and behavioral health services in all our youth development programs.


Public Health Strengthening

We believe access to quality health care is a human right. Leveraging extensive experience in health care services, Bizzell collaborates to develop innovative solutions that promote positive health outcomes. We are committed to tackling some of the most critical global health issues of our time such as Ebola, COVID-19, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, maternal and child health, vaccine preventable diseases such as polio and measles, and other emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases. We deliver global health security and surveillance to combat epidemics and pandemics worldwide.