Dr. Bizzell Featured in Behavioral Healthcare Executive

Dr. Bizzell’s behavioral health expertise is highlighted in his recent article in the Behavioral Healthcare Executive, “Strategic Approach to Care Coordination Drives Better Outcomes in ER.” While coordinating this care is critical, it is often challenging—or even overlooked—in the complex, sometimes fragmented U.S. healthcare system.

Dr. Bizzell states he has witnessed first-hand hospitalizations that could have been prevented if individuals with mental health disorders had received appropriate support as they transitioned from different levels of care. When a patient leaves an emergency department or a hospital, there must be a plan in place to help them transition in a consistent and coordinated manner to any additional services and treatments they might need, whether these services address a mental health condition, a substance use disorder, or both.

Continuity of care must remain a top priority for our healthcare system, especially during this pandemic, as more people struggle to manage their mental health and substance use disorders. In contrast, emergency departments and healthcare systems may be taxed by COVID-19. Creating workable solutions to these complicated access and service delivery challenges can lessen the burden on our care teams, healthcare institutions, available resources, and, more importantly, save lives.

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