Communications & Graphic Design Policies

Policies and Procedures for Communication and Graphics Requests

  • All requests must be submitted via the Bizzell communications & graphic design request portal. The minimum time frame for work requests is 72 hours or 3 business days turnaround.
  • The more time allotted for project completion, the better. Last-minute or emergency requests will be difficult to accommodate, and fulfillment is not guaranteed. Encourage pre-emptive form submissions to allow the MI Team to better prepare for the request, especially if it is a large or complex task.
  • MI will not accept work requests made through email or phone. If a request is emailed to you, please instruct the person to put in a request through the Communications Portal and provide them with this link:
  • An expedited or urgent communications request is an item that must be completed within 48 hours, two calendar days, or less.
  • Fulfilling “fire requests” is on a case-by-case basis. Therefore, if anyone has submitted an expedited/emergency request via email or phone, tell them to:
    • Fill out the communications & graphic design request form,
    • Email the Director of Market Impact, AND
    • Call the Director of Market Impact to ensure receipt.
  • Graphic design requests and editing or proofing services generally require a minimum of 72 hours for completion.
General Rules/Things to Consider
  • The more time allotted for project completion, the better. Last minute or emergency requests will be difficult to accommodate, and the Communications Department cannot guarantee last-minute requests will be fulfilled.
  • Requested completion date for each project should be reasonable. This date should also be well in advance of the final due date to client.
    • Program Directors must manage client expectations up front and ensure they understand the Communications Department’s project request workflow.
  • For editing or proofing services, you are strongly advised to consider the length, density, and complexity of the document(s) when requesting a completion date. Be sure to plan accordingly.
  • For graphic design work, you are strongly advised to allow enough time for the ideation/concept, design, and revision phases. Please plan accordingly.
Pre-Submission Process
  • Determine project needs with client, contracting officer, director, etc. and collect data or background information (i.e. the goal of the task, desired outcome).
  • Write draft documents; or, assemble visual references (if available) for graphic design work. Ensure design assets (e.g. logos, fonts, colors, images) are readily available.
  • Compile project specifications into a coherent document for submission to the Communications Department (e.g. creative project brief).
  • Determine project code and/or task code (if applicable).
  • Complete online form to request work and submit to Communications Department.
Post-Submission Process
  • After your request is submitted through the Communications & Graphic Design Request Form, you will receive an automated response that your request has been received.
  • The Director of Market Impact will assign a Project Lead (writer/designer) to your request
  • Within 48 hours (or 2 business days), a meeting will be scheduled with your Project Lead to discuss details of the request.
  • After the meeting and a reasonable deadline has been agreed upon, work will commence.
  • The Project Lead will submit the completed project to the respective staff member.
  • Staff will send revisions (if needed) to the Project Lead and a new completion date will be negotiated.
  • Revision requests can be sent directly to the Project Lead via email with the Director of Market Impact copied on all emails. All other communication (i.e. phone calls, in-person meetings) must go through the Director of Market Impact.